Create a memorable, inspiring, and unique client gift for the holiday season that they wouldn't just trash when the fun was over. 

A branded Amazon Echo Dot that comes with a custom Alexa skill that showcases our agency's capabilities and bridges the physical and digital worlds. 

During that holiday season we gave our clients the new Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Dot, and with it, a new digital marketing tip every day. (If you’re not familiar with the Echo Dot, it’s the voice-activated device from Amazon.) Our Echo Dots are special. It's like each one comes with a tiny Strategist that lives inside. Each Echo can access the Authentic skill that delivers the tips. Ask Alexa for the tip-of-the-day and she will respond with a current digital marketing insight that’s relevant to your business. 

My Role:
- Strategy
- Copywriting

- Concepted the skill: how to create it, what kind of skill it would be, etc.
- Wrote voice interface requirements for the developer
- Wrote the digital marketing tips
- Tested the skill

Watch the Unboxing video that shows how it works:
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