Capital One DevExchange - SWAGless Campaign

Determine what kind of swag our audience REALLY wants to receive from Capital One at events.

Get rid of swag entirely - afterall, most of it goes in the trash or is given away. 

Let's go "SWAGless" - The best kind of swag is actually no swag at all. What if we put the cost of SWAG to better use by investing it differently – and letting our community get involved in where it goes?

SWAG is a $17.4 billion dollar industry. But 60% is donated or otherwise discarded.

Knowing this, we gathered a panel of representatives from our target audience and grilled them about SWAG. Overwhelmingly, the panelists said that they were pretty “swagged out”. They said most of it wasn’t cool enough; it was often too big to take home; they were picky about common swag items; and that there was generally too much swag at most events. They were then asked if they would participate in and/or enjoy altruistic-type swag (or reverse-swag), where they gave something instead of getting something, such as placing their hotel shampoo in a bin to be donated to a shelter or donating their extra notebooks, pens, etc. They all agreed that they would be interested in a campaign like this. 

(1) Strategy and planning
(2) Co-copywriting and editing
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