Capital One Careers - More Than Campaign

Create a campaign for Capital One's sponsorship of the Women in Product conference. 

Align with the brand positioning of "not just a bank, also a tech company" by asking conference goers how they were "More Than" just their job role. 

We had to approach this campaign carefully, as the conversation around "women in tech" was a sensitive one for several key reasons:
1. Women in tech don’t want to be treated like “women in tech”: they don’t want to be coddled like an endangered species.
2. Women in tech want to be treated like everyone else, succeeding based on their own merits, hard work, and intelligence - not because they’re female.
3. However, gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to perform well financially, while teams with more women perform better on collective intelligence tests.
4. A general notion exists throughout the industry that conferences like these are all talk and little action—as an industry, we must prove how we’re actively providing support for  all technologists to succeed.
5. Our creative messaging for this event should be supported by the pre-existing messaging found on the booth walls: “Simple solutions don’t develop themselves.”

Our solution resonated with conference attendees because they felt an emotional connection to the concept of putting a stake in the ground and declaring how they were "More Than" what they seem.

By sponsoring the Women in Product conference, Capital One was able to build brand equity; grow and engage the tech community; expose and promote Capital One’s capabilities and products; promote women in leadership; and promote how Capital One’s strength in technology and innovation leads to customer benefits. 

We were able to show that we truly understood the conference itself, and that we were not all talk and no action. The Women in Product committee is a group of senior product leaders, from a variety of Silicon Valley companies. What defines these women leaders, however, is more than just their titles—more than just their being women. We highlighted the individualities, their interests, their hobbies and the many roles these conference attendees play.

We created a large booth display that asked visitors to fill out a prompt on a custom stickie note: I'm more than (blank), I'm also a (blank). 
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