Background and Strategy:
Royall&Company wanted to take a "templated" approach to higher education advertising. Their clients (universities and colleges) needed to boost application numbers on a low budget, and a templated approach made it easy to "plug and play" by altering the template to match each school's distinct personality, style, and voice.

To do this, Royall needed fresh concepts to reach their high school target audience, who were naturally suspicious of ads and easily dismissed them. My solution was to create ads that resembled the highly engaging photography style found on Instagram.

They requested one concept, but we pitched two. And they loved both. 

My Inputs:
Content Strategy
Art Direction
Concept #1: Imagine Yourself Here
Potential students will be more likely to apply if they think about what their future might be like there. When they imagine walking the campus, going to classes, and meeting new friends, the idea of going to that school becomes more real. While the copy may differ slightly for each school, the idea is the same.

Concept #2: Your Decision Is Easier Than You Think
Choosing which college to attend is a life-changing moment for a high school student. In such a stressful time, our ads positioned each school as the obvious choice. We started with an easy-to-understand venn diagram. The text in each ad was tailored to match the school's personality, branding, and voice.
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