Brand Background:
Surftech is the leading manufacturer of standup paddleboards, the newest surfing style. Unlike real surfing, a paddleboard can be enjoyed anywhere there's water. Waves or no waves. 
There were many similarities between our audience and "real" surfers. In fact, many of them started out surfing. Their culture was similar: they all had the thirst to enjoy all the world has to offer. Days were spent riding their boards; nights were spent re-telling the tale. The stories we found were rooted in the act of discovery and it's a paddleboarders curiosity that drove their day. 
We crafted a web experience that would become a shared outlet for that curiosity, with print (poster) ads to drive our on-the-go paddleboarders there. 
Poster Ads
Knowing that smartphones and laptops don't mix well with water, we had a unique problem to solve. How do you reach an almost-off-the-grid audience and get them to start using a web experience? You reach them traditionally where they start (or end) they days: the surf shop. 
Web Experience:
AD: Parker Bell
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