As the nonprofit that's responsible for maintaining the nation's organ-matching system, UNOS came to a point where they needed to add 30+ candidates to their top tech teams—fast. 
Knowing the audience was key to solving this problem. What would make this audience choose UNOS over another company? What would differentiate UNOS' recruiting campaign from other companies? We needed a concept that would appeal to our audience's desire to do good work that makes a positive impact on the world, at a company they'll be respected at. And what can you call people who work at a life-saving company? Superheroes. 

• I recommended speaking to techies in their own language, by putting CTAs in the HTML tag for commenting: <!-- --> 
• The language and visuals referenced the comic book heroes that the target audience grew up admiring.
• We encouraged UNOS to provide an uncommon level of transparency in the hiring process, revealing important details early on.
• We made it even more meaningful with engaging video testimonials from real employees.

My Inputs:
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
User Research

• 1.9m Impressions
• 4.2% Visit-to-Referral Conversion Rate
• 39% of Candidates Directly Attributed to Campaign Influence
• The UNOS HR team received great feedback from candidates, who consistently referred to them as the “super hero” company and said the idea was really neat.
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