Young Lions Competition
I teamed up with an art director to create and submit a digital campaign to the
Cannes Lions' Young Lions competition in the Cyber category.
The challenge was to create a banner ad and digital campaign for Every Mother Counts, an organization that works to save the lives of mothers who don't have access to the resources they need to ensure a healthy, safe pregnancy. 
Here is that entry:
The Power of Moms:
Clicking on the banner ad (below) brings the user to a microsite dedicated to people declaring the impact their moms have on their lives.
Stories of Mom:
To really drive home all the things we lose when we lose a mother, Humans of New York would run a poignant series that showcases stories about our moms.
The Partnership Effect:
The movement gains power as more and more partnerships opt-in to have the M's and O's vanish from their site content. A floating banner declares their stance and links to the campaign microsite.
Partner: Sarah Keane (AD)
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